February 21, 2015

Winter Weekend in Vancouver

Montreal has a full calendar of great activities during the winter, but even the most hearty Montrealer occasionally wants a break from the cold. Some head south, but going west can also provide a nice contrast. While it's not tropical by any means, the average temperature in Vancouver is well above that of Montreal and many sights in the city are less crowded than in the summer. There's some great food to be had, too. Here's a short tour of Vancouver that is perfect for foodies who want to walk off big dinners in a more mild clime.

January 30, 2015

Baked2GO Gluten Free Bakery

Baked2GO is a bakery that sells "nutritionally functional gluten free bakery snacks". Many of the goods, in addition to being gluten free, are free of other common allergens like corn, soy, dairy, and eggs, and several are also high in protein and low in sugar.

With all of these special limitations, can the results possibly be tasty? Some of the snacks are better than others, but generally the answer is yes. Overall, the results are impressive, and some items are outstanding.

January 12, 2015

Sumac Restaurant

Sumac was an immediate hit when it opened. It is located on a stretch of Notre Dame West that is clearly in the midst of change. New places are popping up right and left among the McDonald's, Dollar Store, and old-fashioned Green Spot diner.

Sumac is a prime example of the nature of the transformation that is going on in Saint-Henri. Foodies will love its fresh take on Middle-Eastern food and modern ambiance. Make no mistake, though. Sumac has soul. It may be the new kid on the block, but it fits right in.