November 18, 2014

Buck15 Espresso Bar

After a flurry of openings over the past few years, Third Wave Coffee shops now dot the landscape of Montreal. As more of these appear, it becomes more difficult for each to stand out in the crowd, but Buck15 Espresso Bar certainly does so, starting with its striking storefront sign. Passing by it's hard to miss the coffee-drinking deer.

Once inside it's clear that Buck15 further distinguishes itself by its decor, offerings, and friendly service. It's a great place for a coffee and a snack.

November 5, 2014

L'Arrivage Restaurant in the Pointe-à-Callière Museum

L'Arrivage, in its perch above the Pointe-à-Callière museum, may not be obvious to passersby. This restaurant serves weekday lunch and weekend brunch to locals and museum visitors seven days a week, but it remains relatively unknown. For a multi-course, sit-down lunch in Old Montreal, however, it's a hard to beat combination of quality and value.

It's not perfect, but L'Arrivage is worth seeking out for its view of the Old Port, pleasant atmosphere, and good food.

October 29, 2014

L'Espagne à vos pieds

Once in a while you stumble upon a marvelous place by accident, which is exactly what happened one day when I was walking down Saint-Denis. A bright red sign with "L'Espagne à vos pieds" written on it caught my eye and begged me to take a look inside.

What I found was not just shoes from Spain, but shoes with a story, shoes that are made and sold with heart. The more I learned about this business, the more I liked it. If you want an authentic pair of espadrilles, this is the place.