October 21, 2014

Le Café Bloom

Le Café Bloom is one of the growing number of independent coffee shops in Montreal. Many of these serve coffee and pastries, but Café Bloom also does complete meals, including lunch during the week and brunch on the weekends.

The coffee may not be made as precisely as at some other establishments in town, and the lunchtime menu may not be stellar, but everything is solid and the weekend brunch is a real highlight. Café Bloom is the perfect place for a lazy Saturday or Sunday meal.

October 9, 2014

FreshMint meal delivery in Montreal

The lunch world in Montreal used to consist of restaurants, caterers, and delivery services. Then along came food trucks. The explosion of street food options has been a hit with foodies out for a change in the lunch scene.

FreshMint is an innovative startup that fits into this trend while combining good ideas from all of the above categories. The result is delicious, real food delivered at a competitive price. As this local enterprise evolves, it's easy to see that these guys are on to something.

October 6, 2014

A new name for the blog

"Montreal Moment" seemed like the perfect choice for the name of my blog. It is catchy and captures the idea of the blog covering activities in Montreal that are relevant at the moment. It also conveys the idea that spending time in Montreal is about living in the moment and creating memories for the future.


I started this blog under the name "Montreal Moment" in 2011 and have since presented over 100 blog posts that have received tens of thousands of page views. In 2012, I established a presence on Urbanspoon and on Twitter under the same name to complement and promote the blog. The blog is in the top 15 in Montreal on Urbanspoon, and the Twitter feed has more than 100 followers. The name "Montreal Moment" has established a foothold and is recognized in the social media landscape.

So why change the name?

In 2013, as part of a $10 million campaign, Tourisme Montréal (with whom neither I nor my blog has any affiliation) introduced the use of the hashtag #MTLMOMENTS. In early 2014, Tourisme Montréal employed a law firm to start the trademark process on the hashtag and some variations of it, including "MTL MOMENTS".

Nothing prevents me from using the name "Montreal Moment" right now, but if Tourisme Montréal feels that the name is too similar to ones it chose, it could have its attorneys send me a cease and desist letter as soon as the trademark is granted.

Rather that continue my grassroots effort to build the "Montreal Moment" name with the specter of possible legal action hanging over my head, I feel that the best decision is to cut my losses and start to rebuild traffic under a new name.

Why didn't I trademark the name myself?

There are two reasons. The first is cost. Even a barebones, DIY trademark application runs several hundred dollars, and hiring an attorney with adequate experience to navigate the technicalities of the system can add significantly to the price. Second, I underestimated just how good my idea was.

And the new name is...

I am happy to announce that the new name of the blog is "Finding Montreal". It is easy to remember, maintains the spirit of the blog, and is something that I am really excited about using. Please update your bookmarks!

New name, same great content. And there's more in store. Stay tuned...